Menü Kapat

About Me

Özlem Gökkurt received her PhD, BA and MA in library and information science (LIS) from Ankara University in Turkey. She was awarded the Emily Dean Prize for the best graduate thesis in 1989. She also received a visitor’s grant from The British Council in 1993.  She has been pioneer with her PHD Dissertation on bibliometrics at Turkish Librarianship.  Dr. Gökkurt Demirtel earned her second graduate degree in LIS (MLIS) from St. John’s University in 2004.  As for her professional experience, she was offered an assistantship for designing web sites at St. John’s University Library. Before joining the faculty of Ankara University, she worked as a librarian in different types of libraries including UNICEF, Central Bank of the Turkish Republic and the Middle East Technical University Libraries. She served as an assistant director of Turkish Librarians’ Association in 1997-1999. Dr.Gökkurt Demirtel has published a large number of papers and edited several books, engaged in research projects. Currently, she teaches informetrics, information resources and management, classificiation systems and metadata in Ankara University.  Her research interests are in bibliometrics, social epistemology, information resources and management, open access and institutional repositories, thesaurus and metadata development.