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Effect of ICT on Information Sharing in Enterprises (en)

We presented a paper titled “Effect of ICT on Information Sharing in Enterprises” with H.Demirtel at the 15th European Conference on Knowledge Management (ECKM) 2014 held in Portugal.

Information sharing at enterprise level is getting more important because of growing value and volume of knowledge exponentially. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are adding value to knowledge management efforts and trying to make these efforts more efficient. It is another fact that the growing use of ICT has changed significantly the knowledge creation and knowledge usage processes. Besides, it has become a necessity to use ICT tools to access and analyse the information because of huge amount of knowledge stored electronically. In this paper the effect of information systems developed and used by government is investigated by means of information sharing at enterprise level. For this purpose, the systems owned by Ministry of Development (MoD) of Republic of Turkey such as electronic records management system, document management system, intranet web site, official web site and MoD-Search system are come up for review and effects of them on information sharing are examined. Knowledge sharing motivation factors defined in the literature such as sense of achievement, sense of responsibility, recognition of job done, operational autonomy, promotional opportunities, challenge of work (Herzberg 1968, Herzberg 1987, De Sitter 1994, Hendriks 1999) are set for examination criteria. So that, a questionnaire are applied to knowledge workers at the MoD to measure these factors and results are analysed.

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