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URLA 2017 – University Libraries and National Academic e-Publications

I made a speech on 13 October 2017 titled “University Great Libraries and National Academic e-Publications: The Great Big Giant Open Library Dream” as an invited speaker in URLA 2017 Conference.

Stunning advances and transitions in information technologies has completely changed the methods and environments of scientific communication. Libraries as the heart of academic and scientific world have been absorbed by such alteration process. Acceleration of enriched collections with commercial databases has provided environment to users that tend their information access and sharing electronic resources rather than print particularly in scientific coterie. Although use value of electronic publications has been increasing, such increase not to be deemed for libraries’ purchasing power of these publications. In particularly, in the last two decade, consortia purchasing has been carried out in the countries in which the inflation rate has increased, that has also been inevitably accepted in our country. University libraries have embarked on a quest of alternative models for raising fund use with sharing limited resources among multiple libraries by reconsidering their strategies and policies for fund management. From the day it’s start the today’s date, it has been observed that open access publishing has been provided significant expansion to scientific communication in our country. Open access publishing is an improver implementation that has been developed as a counteraction to the monopolist approach of commercial database publishers which partially participation is encouraged in producing and marketing electronic information resources. The professions of library and information science have made crucial efforts and initiatives for the adoption of open access publishing in which a large number of Universities have been accumulated independently with their institutional policies, that is in the process of shifting to a national policy today. Although the positive developments in the subject, when it is considered the fullest extent of technical infrastructure, human resources and budget restrictions, we as information professionals have worries for the future struggles whereas that would be at the adequate and competency level. This adaptation struggle, however, is long-lasting in parallel with predicted technological advancements of digital world and self-organized coordination of university libraries. Librarians and the whole partners of scientific information dissemination should be in the position of unite their resources with the consortia implications at the national scale and reveal new strategies in the electronic publishing sector.

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